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Helen Billingham

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Why empathy in customer service is not enough

As consumer expectations rise, businesses are increasingly focusing on building empathy in customer service interactions. With agents handling more complex queries, building a rapport with customers is vital to reassure them, improve the experience, and better meet their needs. It may feel like a luxury to encourage agents to focus their full attention on the customer's needs of the moment…
Helen Billingham
August 17, 2023
CX, Customer Experience, Customer Service, Support

How real-time chat translation delivers better multilanguage customer service

Providing service in a customer’s preferred language is key to a great experience, that’s why embracing real-time chat translation makes this easier to achieve. Today, customers may not be confident or comfortable in the main language used within your contact centre. This could be because you are providing service to multiple countries from a single location, or to local customers…
Helen Billingham
August 4, 2023
CX, Customer Experience, Customer Service, Support

Tracking the right customer service metrics for contact centre success

Contact centres have always measured key customer service metrics. However, given the rising importance of customer experience, the metrics used must evolve and change. This enables customer service leaders to demonstrate the value of their work, linking the contact centre to the wider organisation and its objectives. Essentially, customer service metrics are split into two main categories – operational KPIs…
Helen Billingham
July 28, 2023
Post-purchase customer serviceCX, Customer Experience, Customer Service, Support

The importance of post-purchase customer service in online shopping

Call me a Luddite. Call me old-fashioned. But I really don’t like shopping online. In fact I avoid buying any tangible items online wherever possible, and I always try to choose the good old physical shopping option. The reasons for me avoiding online shopping are complex and varied, being mainly centred around previous bad experiences in relation to delivery and…
Helen Billingham
June 29, 2023
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6 ways that you can reap the benefits of CCaaS

Harnessing the benefits of Cloud Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) solutions helps customer service teams overcome a wide range of pressing challenges. They can improve the agent experience, increase productivity and efficiency, and deliver a better customer experience. If you face any of these six pain-points in your contact centre, CCaaS could well be the answer to your problems.…
Helen Billingham
June 16, 2023
IoT in customer serviceAICX, Customer Experience, Customer Service, Support

The benefits of IoT in customer service

Across many sectors there’s a growing understanding of the importance of the Internet of Things (IoT) in customer service. For the first time IoT-equipped smart devices are now communicating automatically, without human involvement. They are sharing real-time data on everything from power consumption to environmental information and even requests for service. For example, smart printers now message manufacturers when they…
Helen Billingham
May 19, 2023
What is CCaaSCloud Contact Center, CCaaS, Remote Working, WFH

What is CCaaS and how does it improve customer experience?

With customer experience now vital to business success, organisations need to go above and beyond to ensure they are delivering on expectations. This is why more and more organisations are investing in Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) solutions, usually pronounced as "See-Kass". Globally, the CCaaS market is projected to treble in size from $4.87 billion in 2022 to $15.07…
Helen Billingham
May 12, 2023
Multigenerational contact centre workforceContact centre, Multi-channel, Omni-channel

Tapping into the benefits of the multigenerational contact centre

A multigenerational contact centre workforce covers a wide range of age groups, all of whom have their own experiences, backgrounds, and expectations. To get the best out of their diverse skills you need to understand what makes each generation tick and provide a working environment and management style that meets their needs. The four main generations in today’s contact centre…
Helen Billingham
April 28, 2023
Web UI for Contact CentresCloud Contact Center, CCaaS, Remote Working, WFHContact centre, Multi-channel, Omni-channel

Why a web UI is essential to support a modern contact centre workforce

Today’s contact centre workforce wants the flexibility to be able to work from anywhere, with easy-to-use technology. On the business side, providing this flexibility opens access to a wider talent pool and boosts retention. However, it relies on furnishing users with the tools they need to work remotely from any internet-connected device. To do this seamlessly, your contact centre solution…
Helen Billingham
April 21, 2023
contact centre experienceAICloud Contact Center, CCaaS, Remote Working, WFHIVR/Self-Service

5 ways to supercharge your contact centre experience

Customer expectations around the contact centre experience are rising continually. Organisations know they need to act. Research from analysts Metrigy has found that customer satisfaction has been a top three business priority for the last three years, leading to a growing investment in customer experience technology. No wonder that nearly two-thirds (65%) of organisations surveyed by Metrigy were planning to…
Helen Billingham
March 24, 2023