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August 2023

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Meeting changing expectations around email customer service

Email customer service may not be new, but it remains popular. According to ContactBabel's 2023 ANZ Contact Centre Decision-Makers’ Guide, it is the most used digital channel and accounts for 16.5% of all interactions - second only to the telephone in both Australia and New Zealand - and use is increasing. Therefore, businesses must prioritise delivering efficient, effective customer service…
Pauline Ashenden
August 24, 2023
Contact centre, Multi-channel, Omni-channelCX, Customer Experience, Customer Service, SupportMicrosoft

Why empathy in customer service is not enough

As consumer expectations rise, businesses are increasingly focusing on building empathy in customer service interactions. With agents handling more complex queries, building a rapport with customers is vital to reassure them, improve the experience, and better meet their needs. It may feel like a luxury to encourage agents to focus their full attention on the customer's needs of the moment…
Helen Billingham
August 17, 2023
CX, Customer Experience, Customer Service, Support

How real-time chat translation delivers better multilanguage customer service

Providing service in a customer’s preferred language is key to a great experience, that’s why embracing real-time chat translation makes this easier to achieve. Today, customers may not be confident or comfortable in the main language used within your contact centre. This could be because you are providing service to multiple countries from a single location, or to local customers…
Helen Billingham
August 4, 2023