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  • Fast, low-cost deployment

  • Effortless feature updates keep your CX delivery in front

  • A proven solution from an award-winning provider

Deliver increased flexibility, fast response and personalised service
on all communication channels with Enghouse Cloud Contact Centre.


Easily Accessible

Agents can work from anywhere with a PC, Internet connection and a headset


Cost Effective

No PBX required means zero infrastructure costs and fixed operating expenditure



Start small and grow, adding new features easily and quickly


Low Maintenance

Reduce the IT burden: The provider manages upgrades, compliance and compatibility



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Be up and running with an operational contact centre in days, not months.

Reduce time to become fully operational compared to premises-based systems. Moving to the cloud brings all of your business-critical data together so you can make better and faster decisions with Enghouse Cloud Contact Centre. As your business needs change and grow, simply adjust without the need for hardware planning or IT overhead. You can add agents or features quickly to adapt to your organisation’s requirements, reacting at a moment’s notice. Agents and supervisors quickly get up-to-speed and work productively with the browser-based TouchPoint user interface

Enghouse Cloud Contact Centre supports key local and international data security requirements. The solution allows you to focus on core business, eliminate capital expenditure and reduce IT costs.

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Experience the AI Benefits of Virtual Assistant.

Easily leverage AI and bots to allow human agents to focus on high-value or more complex interactions. Enghouse Cloud Contact Centre can directly respond to chat FAQ enquiries on your website at the same time as supporting agents with suggestions and relevant information to assist live interactions – allowing your organisation to deliver a consistent, personalised experience to all your customers.

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Winner of the 2019 IBM Excellence Award
Hybrid Cloud Innovation

This award recognizes the outstanding IBM Business Partner that has demonstrated innovation & creativity using the IBM Cloud platform, while delivering superior performance and growth

Create modern, intuitive customer care solutions and strategies with Award-Winning Enghouse Cloud Contact Centre and meet the operational demands of your business at any scale, in any geography worldwide.


Optimise your staff

Ensure maximum success with an engine that delivers each interaction to the person best suited for it. Free up agents to handle high-value calls by automating responses to FAQ and other repetitive enquiries.


Myriad ways to engage

Influence a positive outcome from the get-go by engaging your customers via the channel they choose, including social messaging and chat. Leverage a single, powerful platform to enable true omni-channel communications.


Boost performance

Transform customer care by providing automated and intelligently assisted agent responses, improving productivity. Seamlessly integrate back-office apps to deliver contextual insights to each interaction and accelerate resolution.


Reporting and visibility

Monitor and track each interaction in real time, and build actionable intelligence to improve outcomes and provide searchable data for security and compliance as well as staff coaching.

Proven Cloud Contact Centre.

Developer of the world’s first true Cloud (multi-tenanted) contact centre, Enghouse has over 25 years of delivering Cloud Contact Centre around the world; Ask us about the world’s top telcos that are powered by Enghouse Cloud Contact Centre solutions.

IBM Excellence Award

A cloud contact centre has several benefits in comparison to on site contact centres. Some benefits include:

  • Cost efficiencies, especially at lower scale or complexity
  • Predictable costs with no one-off expenses for infrastructure upgrades etc
  • Scalability: Flex agent licenses up or down as needed, either proactively or reactively
  • Faster deployment and setup
  • Location-independent, e.g., work from home, manager travel
  • Rapid new feature iterations with no upgrade overhead
  • Free up in-house IT from hardware and software maintenance, removes continuity concerns
  • Flexible, scalable access to very high CPU utilisation (AI/Analytics)


     Public, Multi-Tenant Cloud

The most commonly understood version of a cloud contact centre is a contact centre hosted in a shared public cloud infrastructure, where a cloud contact centre service provider hosts and administers contact centres for multiple organisations (tenants) in the same cloud.

     Private, Dedicated Cloud

Another option for a cloud contact centre is to have your contact centre hosted off premises in a “private cloud” which means that it is hosted in a dedicated instance, usually for security purposes. This could be hosted by your managed services provider (MSP) or by your cloud provider, and managed by either.


Sometimes a business is happy to use a solution hosted off premises, but needs to retain control of their data at their own location. One example might be, the contact centre solution is hosted but the recordings are kept onsite. This mixed deployment is known as “hybrid”.

Sometimes an organisation may want their contact centre provider to manage the solution on their behalf, as a "managed service". This task can be simple or extensive, from server and application management (including upgrades) to administration of the software itself with Moves, Adds and Changes (MACs) included as part of the service. Some organisations even outsource the day-to-day management of their contact centre at an agent level.

A managed service provider (MSP) can manage your contact centre infrastructure whether it is “on premises”, i.e., at your own site, or in a cloud.  In many circumstances this offers the best of both worlds – for example, where a customer wants to keep data and infrastructure on premises but prefers to leave the management of the service to their trusted provider.

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Whether you have an existing contact centre operation or are just exploring the options of intelligently routing interactions into your organisation, your organisation can benefit from a cost-effective solution that can be implemented in days and then scale from 0 to any number in a heartbeat.

Enghouse Interactive can offer you a fully integrated Cloud contact centre solution that effortlessly boosts your agent performance, providing your customers with a superior experience that perfectly represents your brand.

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