Real-Time Speech Analytics

Imagine a virtual coach that helps your agents say exactly the right things, in the right way, on every call, and respond correctly to your customers in any given situation.

Imagine how this would help you increase customer satisfaction, maximise business opportunities, boost your employee’s motivation, and strengthen your relationship with your customers.

With Enghouse Interactive’s Real-Time Speech Analytics solution, you have a tool that does just that.

Zinc Group adopt Enghouse Real-Time Speech Analytics, hear the full story and benefits of the product. Zinc recently won Best Use of Technology award for using Enghouse RTSA.

The Voice of the customer

Enghouse Interactive’s Real-Time Speech Analytics is the first software solution offering fully automated quality assurance and call optimisation for every call. Innovative speech analysis technology allows organisations to monitor and improve conversations in real time, as well as evaluate call recordings.

The solution analyses agent and customer speech to provide live feedback to agents, team leaders and quality assurance teams about what is being said and how it is being said. It monitors stress levels, speech clarity and script adherence, all whilst the call is in progress.


  • Legal certainty –– Be certain of compliance of all calls, with script adherence, ensuring contracts are explained correctly reducing cancellations and customer disputes
  • Quality assurance – Monitor stress-levels, speech clarity and script adherence. Agent can use the technology to coach themselves in real-time
  • Efficiency– Allow agents to self-police their conversations, correcting their errors whilst the call is still in progress to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

Self-coaching live in calls can immediately improve your service levels

Enghouse Interactive Real-Time Speech Analytics

You can finally evaluate the quality of all company calls in a fully automatic and 100 percent objective fashion. The results of calls can also be edited manually. Comments can be added to data sets and the automatic evaluation can be changed by trainers. All of your quality management processes are optimally supported.

Listening to your customers is a key part to customer loyalty and encouraging first-class conversations increases customer satisfaction. The single biggest benefit is the “live feature” which provides practical help to agents as well as listening to customers.

It offers a checklist for every call and key indicators,  for example warning agents against increased customer stress levels, or own bad behaviour such as talking over the customer.  This not only dynamically improving performance but increases training efficiency by allowing agents to self-coaching.

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Real-Time Speech Analytics is intuitive and easy to use, and requires no specialist speech expertise. Clear metrics and graphical statistics show agent and campaign performance and flag problem calls for quality assurance and evaluation in a completely objective way.

The solution is available in a range of languages. It uses market leading speech recognition technology to support English, German, Italian, French, Spanish and Turkish, including dialects. Further languages can be made available as an extension

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Define the characteristics that are to be monitored and checked for each campaign in an independent, simple and quick manner, and set the right evaluation criteria using different evaluators. To ensure an objective call evaluation, the evaluators such as check whether predefined phrases and keywords were said during a call, and assess the softer speech factors such as clarity, volume and even stress levels.

The solution also monitors speech ratios between the agent and the customer, detects cross talking and interruptions, and measures the quality of the audio signal

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Provide a clear, graphical evaluations of call characteristics at the level of individual calls, agents or the entire campaign, all in an instant. Real-time analysis of live phone calls immediately flags up if relevant information has not been given or not been given correctly, and helps agents correct themselves.

The integrated management functionality enables the system to provide user-specific analyses, allowing agents to view their own statistics, while coaches and team leaders see the results in overall context of the activity such as cross talking and interruptions, and measures the quality of the audio signal

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