IVR Applications

Most organisations can make significant savings by automating simple, repetitive calls with IVR solutions, allowing agents to handle the more complex and valuable interactions.

Enghouse Interactive has a portfolio of IVR development and applications tools to enable organisations to deploy all of their communication applications on a single, cost-effective platform. Whether you are you are an SMB, enterprise, service provider, value added reseller, and systems integrator we can help to improve your self-service across any channel voice, video, SMS, Speech Enabled and mobile.

Automate simple, repetitive tasks with IVR for always-on service

Identifying and taking card payments from customer’s costs an estimated £3.97 per agent but just 58p for an IVR transaction. Removing this requirement from live agents reduces the cost of service and is a critical milestone to achieving PCI compliance. Enghouse Interactive helps with other tasks to dramatically reduce costs such as identifying identification and verification, card payment, balance / information read-out, voice activated directory. IVR systems also extend business hours, allowing customers to self-serve and process transactions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



  • Reduced development time and faster time-to-market – developers can create voice solutions 50% faster than they can with other graphical development tools
  • Superior performance – the Enghouse Interactive IVR Solutions has handled billions of transactions for our customers in the most demanding of environments
  • Leverage prior investments in hardware, software and solution development, while providing a smooth migration path to the emerging standards and technologies that will be required in the future
  • Reduce costs by automating task and achieving contact avoidance
  • Deliver always on services 24 hours a day

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Affinion International handles customer contacts on behalf of some of the UK’s biggest brand clients and the automated service is of critical importance to ensure that during peak call periods, our contact centre delivers best in class responsiveness.

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Enghouse Interactive IVR Applications

With development and pre built applications you can rest assured that Enghouse Interactive has the IVR solution of choice for you.

Enghouse Interactive Communications Portal is an open standards-based development platform that significantly reduces the time, cost and complexity of creating and deploying tailored voice self-service and communications solutions.
EICP’s integrated application development and management components enable organisations to deploy voice, video messaging, SMS, mobile IVR navigator and email communications on a single, cost-effective platform.
IVR applications are also monitored around-the-clock for reliability issues so that you are informed immediately of any problems before they adversely affect service levels.

The Identification and Verification (ID&V) application automates the process of caller identification and verification over the phone, either by keypad entry or speech recognition. On successful verification the application can transfer the caller to another IVR application or an agent. The application supports data protection requirements and can be used to provide security for outbound calls.

Bill payments are high volume, routine transactions. Automating bill payments reduces the cost of service and is a critical milestone to achieving PCI compliance. The Card Payment application is compliant with financial regulations and allows flexible integration with existing merchant payment provider, web-enabled database, or back-office systems.

The Quick Menu application enables organisations to quickly and easily create the call routing and menu functionality that guides callers through their IVR. It can read out information, ask a question and pass the caller to the relevant person or application. By combining these elements businesses can rapidly create and deploy a complete self service solution for callers.

Natural language solutions are sought after for speed and ease of use. Our speech-enabled IVR flattens or eliminates IVR menu structure and provides optimal customer-directed self-service. Speech-enabled caller identification, along with skills-based routing takes time off the call. This greatly improves customer satisfaction, reduces operating costs and elevates the experience of the customer.