Self Service Solutions

Self-service is a key and increasingly important part of an integrated customer experience, It enables organisations to focus on higher value human to human interactions increasing productivity, efficiency and customer experiences whilst simultaneously creating the agility needed to stay ahead of ever changing customer needs.

Enghouse Interactive has a wide range of speech recognition, touch-tone, mobile and web self-service solutions that are quick to implement, powerful and extremely cost effective. Our solutions include purpose built IVR applications, outbound notifications, an easy-to-use knowledge management suite, mobile IVR navigator, corporate web directories and a development platform that enables organisations to quickly deploy self-service applications.

Empower your customers to self-serve and cut costs by 75%

Self-service IVR automates simple, repetitive calls, providing a quick service to the caller to avoid contact significant cost savings to the contact centre. Agents can concentrate on the more complex and valuable customer interactions, ensuring your callers get the best service possible from your contact centre. And if the customer is satisfied, IVR applications will quickly pay for themselves through reduced operating costs and increased sales.



  • Increase efficiency and satisfaction by enabling customers to self-serve
  • Cut operating costs by at least 75%
  • Boost productivity and reduce staff turnover by better utilising employee resources
  • Improve customer experience by providing a fast, reliable service 24/7
  • Increase revenues by enabling transactions to be processed around the clock
  • Maximise the ROI of your knowledge base
  • Speed up call resolution times, significantly reduce lost and abandoned calls and increase customer retention

How a Bank provides a high level of service to empower customer and agents to self serve.

We believe customers simply want a better experience from their bank. The Communications Portal provides us with a platform to deliver exceptional customer service.

David Young from Metrobank explains the benefits of IVR from Enghouse Interactive

Enghouse Interactive Self Service Solutions

Enghouse Interactive offers a variety of Self Service options to always-on services. By providing significant benefits to customers by enabling them to handle their own simple operations such as pay bills, obtain account information, change address etc without waiting for a live operator. IVR systems also extend business hours, allowing customers to self-serve and process transactions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


The integrated application development and management components enables organisations to deploy voice, video messaging, SMS, and email communications on a single, cost-effective platform. Significantly reducing time, cost and complexity of creating and deploying voice self-service and communications solutions.

Our purpose built applications are quick and easy to deploy and maintain, scalable and extendable, and completely self-contained, requiring no expert coding or expensive professional services. The suite includes: identification and verification, card payment, direct debit set-up, balance/information read-out, change address, voice activated directory.

A new form of self service is available named Mobile IVR Navigator; which quickly allows users from any device to participate in a self-service session through a mobile app. By selecting the app it visually navigates customers through the process of your customer service IVR options seamlessly offering a better end-user experience and reduces customer frustration.

Automated Outbound Notifications ensure that customers are efficiently informed and up to date on their interactions with your business. Examples include order notifications, delivery or appointment reminders, balance / fraud updates to name but a few. All notifications can be sent via SMS, email or integrated into business apps allowing two-way communication so the customer can respond or get richer information

Knowledge is power. At Enghouse Interactive, we have a powerful a web self-service platform that makes knowledge management easy for you and creates a seamless experience for your users and allows your customers to resolve their own enquires dramatically reducing costs.