Empower your Customers to Access your Business Effortlessly

The challenge that organisations now face is how to deliver a consistent, efficient and easy to access service across all media types, channels and devices. At the same time they have to encourage self-service, but with a seamless transition to assisted service through the most appropriate channel, should the need arise.

Enghouse Interactive solutions enable you to build a truly integrated multi-channel, self-service and assisted service platform, empowering customers to interact with you through their channel and device of choice.

Make Customers Work for You

Every customer wants a quick and accurate answer to their question. Most don’t mind how they receive it. Yet, the days when organisations were advised to bury their contact details deep in their website so that customers had no alternative but to take the self-service option are well and truly over.

Read our few steps towards getting the self-service layer right and help free up overheads to do this.

  • Harness peer to peer support; third party endorsements are your greatest advocate
  • Allow customers to find answers through FAQs or forums, reducing the need to contact you directly
  • Use IVR for contact avoidance and increase customer satisfaction and efficiency
  • Give flexible options to allow customers to self-serve and make it easier for them to do business with you

Read the Contact Babel Inner Circle Guide to Self Service Sponsored by Enghouse Interactive.
Within this definitive analyst study find out how intelligent automated service – via IVR, speech, virtual agents, mobile and social channels – fits into the customer contact mix.

SunTrust Bank has increased customer satisfaction by 30% and reduced the support site bounce rate by 20% with a knowledge base platform that answers support questions around the clock. Powerful search capabilities connect SunTrust’s online banking customers with vast amounts of information, allowing them to quickly find answers themselves instead of contacting the call centre directly.

SunTrust Bank

Things to Consider When Creating your Self-Service Strategy

Money spent offering better service and providing every customer with what they want provides a good return in the long run, through customer loyalty and ongoing revenue.

So by making the self-service option the best it could possibly be, businesses are helping themselves to a win-win situation.


Most customers these days are IT-literate and have a smartphone or device at their fingertips. Customers are increasingly willing to self-serve when provided with the right tools. The savings made in deploying self-service tools allow more investment to be made in improving and enabling agents to handle complex enquiries that can’t be handled via self-service in an efficient and professional way.
The key metrics that companies should look at tracking are ‘customer effort’ and ’net promoter scores’, as these give a more accurate indication of a customer’s loyalty and ongoing propensity to spend with you.

Customers are now used to checking themselves in online for airline flights, shopping online, and so on. Within the context of IVR, the customer will be keen to choose self-service if they feel it satisfies the following:

  • It is a simple, easy-to-use experience
  • It saves them time, either on queuing, or not having to speak to someone
  • They can do it whenever they want (the self-service IVR never sleeps)

Cut costs by 75%
Self-service IVR automates simple, repetitive calls, providing a quick service to the caller and significant cost savings to the contact centre. Agents can concentrate on the more complex and valuable customer interactions, ensuring your callers get the best service possible. And if the customer is satisfied, IVR applications will quickly pay for themselves through reduced operating costs and increased sales.

Enghouse Interactive Self-Service Tools to Optimise Customer Access

Enghouse Interactive solutions intelligently engage customers through the most effective and accessible channels, whilst ensuring a consistent and joined up experience. Efficient use of resources, anywhere in the enterprise, ensures high quality service and low customer effort, leading to more satisfied, loyal and profitable customers.

Through Optimised Customer Access you will deliver an effortless service for your customers.


Make it as easy as possible for your customers to speak to your organisation at a time which is perfect for you and for them. Offer them the option to be called back at a time that’s convenient, when they are on your website or waiting in queue.

Use your mobile app to visually navigate customers through the process of your customer service IVR options, offering a better end-user experience and reducing customer frustration.

Purpose built applications are quick and easy to deploy and maintain, scalable and extendable, and completely self-contained, requiring no expert coding or expensive professional services.

The suite includes: identification and verification, card payment, direct debit set-up, balance/information read-out, change address, and voice activated directory.

Make it as easy as possible for your customers to speak to your organisation at a time which is perfect for you and for them. Offer them the option to be called back at a time that’s convenient, when they are on your website or waiting in queue.