Proactive Call Back

Be proactive to your customers to reduce frustration and increase efficiency. Customers are continuously frustrated by having to wait in queue to speak to an agent. Differentiate your contact centre from your business competitors by offering callback, revolutionising queuing principles by giving callers a choice – offering them the option of an automated Call-back to eliminate the tedious task of waiting in queue.

Think of being proactive on the web, think of your customer wavering over a potential purchase can be offered a call back or webchat to assist with that final purchasing decision dramatically improving closure rates significantly.

Why do customers hate queuing?

Contact Babel stats that 61% of the public surveyed absolutely hate not knowing how much longer they will be waiting. By offering customers a scheduled call-back you can increases customer satisfaction, reduces call durations and delivers higher first-contact call resolution rates.

Proactive calling back adds a whole new dimension to the way in which calls can be handled. Never again will your customers have to wait in a queue. In the past, callers had no option but to wait on hold for service from an agent, or abandon the queue by hanging up.

The disadvantages of this scenario are obvious. The caller becomes frustrated waiting, and the contact centre can incur substantial telecommunications costs as they pay for their callers to listen to music while they wait on hold. Callback offers customers choices. While some callers may be content to wait in line, many are not.


  • Utilise Callback to optimise traffic peaks and staffing lows.
  • Offer options to customers instead of just waiting on the line.
  • Callback dramatically reduces the number of abandoned calls
  • Ensures that more calls are captured, which results in higher contact centre productivity.
  • Be proactive on the web to improve closure rates
  • Results in higher productivity, greater profit and reduce costs

Contact Babel stats reveal the reasons given for dislike of contact centre queuing (%age of public scoring items at a maximum of ’10’ for annoyance)

Not knowing how long you'll have to wait


Repetitive announcements


Having to restate account info


Time spent on the phone


The hold music


Now we have this call-back functionality built-in, it has saved us an incredible £20k per annum!

Richmond Housing Associations

Enghouse Interactive Proactive Call Back

Enghouse Interactive call back solutions offers choice for the business on how they offer call back. Many of our customers have seen a significant cost saving or revenue increase since implementing.

The Call Back function is available across all of our contact centre soutions.

Once the Callback has been placed, it advances in the queue as if the caller was still on the line, when the Callback reaches the front of the queue it is delivered to an agent.

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A screenpop to the agent’s PC provides information about the Callback so that the agent has the information to hand before the call is made.

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Web Callback allows visitors to your website to click on an icon to request that an agent call them. Users of Web Callback can not only initiate callback requests, they can also view the progress of their request or delete it. Web Callback allows you to differentiate your company’s contact centre from your competitors’ by offering customers choices about how they do business with you.

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Callback can also act as an answer phone after hours. As soon as the agents log on in the morning, the calls are immediately presented to the agent for service. This call delivery function is totally automated. No mailbox needs to be cleared and calls don’t have to be requested.  Callback functionality is revolutionising queuing principles and customer service as callers realise they do not need to wait in a queue to talk to an agent.

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