Call Accounting and Reporting

The ability to monitor and manage the cost of communications across a company is essential to obtaining the right balance between expenditure and the business benefits that come from today’s complex unified communications systems.

Proteus, from Enghouse Interactive, is an advanced call accounting application, designed to provide small, medium and large corporations with detailed analysis of your communications systems. From cost management to network management and planning, Proteus helps identify cost savings and productivity improvements that help to maximise your investment in your communications systems.


Designed for the medium to large corporate market, Proteus Enterprise is an advanced, scalable, call accounting application that provides detailed analysis of all of your company’s communications. With the ability to independently cost calls, compare carrier tariffs, identify unused assets, and monitor quality of service Proteus Enterprise will help you to identify cost savings and improve productivity across your organisation.

From single trading floors to international trading companies, Proteus Trader is a strategic tool used to verify trader usage of turrets, monitor PSTN and private wire assets and demonstrate compliance within a heavily regulated industry. Trader is often coupled with Proteus Enterprise to provide a bank-wide telecoms view.

Best suited for SME up to 100 extensions, Proteus Office is a comprehensive tool that allows business managers to effortlessly monitor and manage their telephone system bringing cost savings and improved productivity. The product is available through distribution channels.

Comprehensive Call Information

The ability to monitor and manage the cost of communications has always been essential to organisations. With demand and costs for these services rising, obtaining the right balance between expenditure and the business benefits they provide is vital.

Call accounting and reporting is an approach that delivers benefits to all parts of the organisation. It is used to helps define and drive a new business strategy and frequently used as a cost justification tool to build a business case for a migrationary process from TDM to voice over IP (VoIP). It’s a great way of identifying trends which may have a significant cost impact on the business. Alternatively, the business might want to look more closely at the network level focusing on areas like quality of service, packet loss, latency jitter or overall network performance to ensure optimal efficiency of the voice network.

Proteus is a market-leading suite of call accounting, or call logging, software applications, designed to help companies gain granular business intelligence and customer insight from their unified communications. Compatible with many leading name communications systems and scalable from small single site businesses to multi-site, multi-national organisations, it provides centralised, comprehensive call handling information accessible from any web-browser.


Save on Communication Costs

  • Ensure you are using the most cost-effective provider by comparing carriers
  • Identify excessive personal telephone calls
  • Optimise least cost routing across your network
  • Identify high-cost calls in real-time and spot fraudulent activity
  • Evaluate the cost benefits of deploying new telephony technology

Increase Employee Productivity

  • Highlight busy times when resources need reallocation
  • Identify needless long duration calls
  • Monitor by fixed-line and mobile calls

Improve Customer Service

  • Set targets for key performance indicators on calls such as time to answer and length of call and track them on the Proteus wallboard
  • Track incoming, outgoing and missed calls
  • Produce trend reports that highlight the need to increase capacity

"We needed a system capable of collecting call data from multiple switches in different countries and costing calls using multiple carriers and currencies. Proteus Enterprise was the only tool on the market that allowed us to do this and to deliver accurate information and reports from across the organisation."

Citrix Systems

Proteus Optional Features

The Proteus product suite includes a number of optional features that improve system management and deliver specific additional functionality aimed to make administration easier, particularly for larger systems.


One of the most important functions of Proteus is to hold information on lines (trunks, private-wires, consoles and extensions), employees and departments. The Proteus Import Utility can automatically manage moves, adds and changes to this data by directly synchronising with an LDAP resource or importing data from a CSV file. The import can also be scheduled to run automatically.

Fully embedded into the Proteus application the VoIP QoS features offer reporting on quality of service and call information such as jitter, latency, packet-loss, MOS, call count, average call duration and bandwidth utilization. The VoIP QoS features are available for the Cisco UCM and Skype for Business systems.

Personal and Business Call Management allows a company to track and manage business and personal call usage.  This can bring big cost savings to an organisation for a number of reasons including offsetting tax against business calls and charging back personal calls to employees. Administrators can schedule regular email notifications to staff requesting updates to their personal call list and can automatically designate groups of numbers as business numbers, ensuring classification is carried out automatically.

PBX Manager provides Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) between your PBX and your Proteus application and brings added functionality including:

  • Click to dial which creates seamless dialling and allows users to create new calls, transfer existing calls and dial external numbers
  • Scheduling handset activation which allows administrators to activate and deactivate handsets based on time of day and days of the week and can be applied per PBX
  • Policy Management which allows you to enable and disable extension based on certain criteria such as a monthly cost allowance being exceeded on a particular extension number.

The audit trail utility tracks organisation changes over time so that accurate cost allocation can be applied even when assets have been reallocated.

The interface captures real-time events from a PBX or Unified Communications system and is designed to enhance data analysis beyond the scope of the standard call detail record (CDR) interface. Typical data includes calls ringing, calls in progress and calls on hold

This application enables you to convert an electronic invoice into Proteus call data, and analyse the invoice’s data across voice, messaging and data use. A key benefit of this feature is that it enables combined fixed line and mobile reporting so that all communications activity is consolidated in one application.