CRM Integration

Boost productivity of your team with click-to-dial and screen pop

Giving your staff information on the specific customer that they’re speaking to can dramatically improve customer satisfaction. Many organisations today are taking advantage of CTI software to improve the productivity of their sales or service agents, enhance the customer experience, increase customer loyalty and ultimately to generate additional revenue.

Combining telephony with the rich customer data in your CRM system such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics instantly provides you with an end-to-end solution that helps you to sell more, serve better and grow faster.

CRM Connect integrates directly into your CRM, which means fewer clicks for agents, and a single, consolidated repository of customer information for increased efficiency.


  • Reduce call time by 20 seconds per call
  • Instantly retrieve and screen-pop customer related information to resolve issues quickly
  • Dial out automatically and faster with a single mouse click
  • Reduce number of manual data entry tasks for improved efficiency and accuracy
  • Provide a better and more immediate response to the customers
  • Increase first call resolution
  • Handle higher call volumes with reduced handling times
  • Build customer loyalty by offering a personalised and effortless service experience

Give your staff the customer information at their fingertips so they can focus on delivering a great customer experience and closing deals.

Instant access to full interaction history

One of the biggest customer frustrations is to repeat information and be passed around from one person to another to get their issue resolved. Make sure you know who your customer is, their interaction or purchase history and have the most appropriate agent available for them to speak to.

Instant access to the full interaction history means the sales or service agent can resolve enquiries faster and without the customer having to repeat themselves to different representatives. You can provide your customers with a much more efficient and personalised service experience that will build stronger relationships and long-term loyalty.

“One of the 4 largest banking and financial institutions in South Africa has been very successfully using CRM Connect in their retail and business banking call centre. They currently have 500 users using CRM Connect and Salesforce primarily by banking Relationship Managers. Based on the successes to date, they are now planning to extend this implementation to a further 2,500 call centre agents, mostly dealing with telephone banking. Since the initial implementation in October 2019 we have had zero incidents logged, and one enhancement request which was prepared and made available by Enghouse within days.

CRM Connect delivered much more than promised and the guidance, assistance and support we have received from Enghouse is un-paralleled in our industry. It has helped to establish our company as a trusted partner with our customer which is very valuable to us.

We found CRM Connect to be well documented, easy to install, excellent support, very stable and excellent performance not only meeting but exceeding expectations.”

Freddie Wentzel, Principal Consultant, ST-Integration (part of ST Group)

CRM Connect Features

By optimising the way you engage with your customers and providing them with the exceptional and personalised service they want, while unlocking the productivity of your sales or services teams, you will thrive within your digital technology foundation growing your business and ultimately increasing your revenue.

You can initiate a phone call with just a single click on the telephone number inside the CRM record, all tracked automatically. This allows you to increase productivity and save time spent manually dialling numbers. Organisations dealing with a high volume of outbound phone calls can realise significant savings by slashing time lost to misdialled numbers.

As soon as an agent connects with a customer, a screen pop appears on the agent’s desktop with the customer’s information from the CRM for the agent to reference and edit. The result is higher efficiency and more effective customer support interactions. Screen pops shorten call time by 20 seconds or more.

Agents can make notes directly in the record during a call, and have a set of customisable wrap-up codes available after each call that can be reported against. Wrap up codes can also be used to automate follow up tasks.

CRM Connect consistently captures inbound and outbound call activities in your CRM, along with their associated records and call duration, for rich and accurate reporting. This eliminates the need for your agents to manually log calls and as a result minimises the risk of errors and omissions.

CRM Connect allows you to route calls to any geographical location and the best-suited, available agent or account manager, eliminating unnecessary transfers and resulting in increased first call resolution rates. The receiving agent will have the CRM record and with that all interaction history including notes enabling competent and seamless support without the customer having to repeat information.

Telephony controls such as hold or transfer are available directly in the user interface of your CRM. This gives your workforce the needed controls right within the toolbar, eliminating the need to switch between applications or reaching for their phone.

CRM Connect supports ACD Ready/Not Ready work mode status as well as predefined Not Ready reason codes. Setting their phone to Not Ready when leaving their desk, results in inbound phone calls being routed to another available agent instead of getting missed leaving customers frustrated.