Knowledge Management

Knowledge is power. A new generation of customers increasingly relies on the Internet as a prime source of information, and they want to find accurate answers, fast.

At Enghouse Interactive, we have a powerful web self-service platform that makes knowledge management easy for you and creates a seamless experience for your users. Our SaaS-based knowledge platform lets you organise your entire knowledge base, evaluate and optimise support content, and develop valuable community forums, all from one place.

Let customers find their own answers

Interestingly, typically 80% of customer’s questions can be answered by 20% of FAQ documentation, however this 20% needs to be continuously improved with feedback results and updating on an ongoing basis. Allow your customers to find the answers through FAQ pages or forums, embrace the kind of questions customers are likely to use to search for answers to accelerate time to resolve – and use historic information from calls or search terms to populate these.

Watch what our customers have to say about eKMS:


  • Lower support costs – Every question the knowledge base helps answer is real money saved.
  • Better customer service – Empower customers with an easy-to-use support channel that quickly delivers the most relevant information.
  • Improve agent performance – Provide your agents with a comprehensive repository of organisational knowledge and subject matter information.
  • Effective knowledge administration – Quickly view and manage activities, tasks, workflows, and analytics from a single view
  • Reduce time-to-market of your support site with quick and easy SaaS setup and deployment
  • Easy to customise, edit and display forms anywhere on the support site
  • Provide round-the-clock support, accessible from any device

Get your customers the information they need in a timely fashion

SunTrust Bank has increased customer satisfaction by 30% and reduced the support site bounce rate by 20% with a knowledge base platform that answers support questions around the clock. Powerful search capabilities connect SunTrust’s online banking customers with vast amounts of information, allowing them to quickly find answers themselves instead of contacting the call centre directly.

Sun Trust Bank

Enghouse Interactive Knowledge Management Suite

The process of keeping data organised, consistent and current is a daunting and often expensive challenge. Lacking proper management, these inefficiencies begin to quickly lead to diminishing support site ROI. Outdated or missing data within knowledge bases create customer dissatisfaction, increased support requests, and overall higher support costs.

Enghouse Interactive’s knowledge management services group specialise in assisting companies with their knowledge management needs. We are your an one-stop Knowledge as a Service provider. We also offer services on an as needed basis.


Forums eliminate support inefficiencies and offer the same workflow, routing and notification capabilities as email. Use the forum community to grow your external knowledge base and turn your customers into your champions

Our article optimiser helps you maximise the ROI of your knowledge base. Powerful content and A/B testing helps you analyse user behaviour, understand how to improve content, reduce support requests, increase customer satisfaction and boost the performance of your self-service support site.

Ensure search engine optimisation (SEOs) keywords and terms embrace the kind of questions customers are likely to use to search for answers to accelerate time taken – and use historic information on search terms to populate FAQs. See this as an area of continuous improvement feeding back results and updating on an ongoing basis