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November 2023

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The importance of customer control in increasing satisfaction

A lack of customer control is one of the biggest gripes people have when interacting with companies. Endless call queues, long wait times for answers and confusing online information all impact their experience. The message they take away is that their time or query isn’t important to the business. This lack of control intensifies dissatisfaction and annoyance. It leads to…
Helen Billingham
November 30, 2023
contact centre analyticsQuality management, quality monitoring

Unlocking the real power of contact centre analytics

Effective contact centre analytics is vital to delivering efficient, high-quality customer service. However, customer service operations produce vast amounts of data. This covers everything from metrics on call length to more in-depth quality assessments of individual interactions. This data is often siloed within individual departments or software systems, adding complexity. Additionally, it can be difficult to understand or visualise by…
Carl Townley-Taylor
November 27, 2023
leadership people skills steps to engage agentsWorkforce optimization

Essential leadership people skills steps for excellent agent experience & morale

(Guest Author: Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™, Author, Leading Morale) Contact centre leaders and managers often lament about the high rate of agent turnover. ContactBabel reports that agent turnover rates average 24%, but that 28% of contact centres now have to deal with attrition rates of over 30%. This is not surprising yet it is still very concerning. The…
Helen Billingham
November 20, 2023
Cloud Contact Center, CCaaS, Remote Working, WFHContact centre, Multi-channel, Omni-channel

Cloud v on-premise: why it’s a matter of contact centre choice

No two organisations are the same, meaning their contact centre choices around technology need to reflect their specific needs. This is particularly true when it comes to the cloud, with many contact centres deploying Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) solutions. However, the cloud isn’t necessarily right for everyone. Some organisations have strong reasons to retain their systems on-premise. Alternatively,…
Simon Adnett
November 10, 2023
Cloud Contact Center, CCaaS, Remote Working, WFHCX, Customer Experience, Customer Service, Support

How to pick the right CCaaS vendor

Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) platforms deliver new customer service capabilities, improving both efficiency and the customer experience. In a fast-moving market, you don’t want to become locked into a provider that falls short of your expectations. To reap the full benefits, you therefore need to choose the best CCaaS vendor to capitalise on the advantages offered. How can…
Helen Billingham
November 3, 2023