Integration Solutions

Our Integration solutions, enabled more than 1 million agent seats worldwide by helping accelerate the time-to-market and time-to-revenue for your interaction management solutions. Your organisation can quickly and easily develop, optimise, integrate and deploy dynamic communications solutions. viding out-of-the-box integration with all major communications systems.

Integrate your systems for significant savings

Industry studies show that screen pops can shave an average of 10 to 15 seconds off every call. Even a simple integration your 3rd Party CRM you can save significant savings each month and reduce customer frustration.

However, integration should work for your business to save time and money while streamlining your processes, make sure you integration with systems that will help you achieve this with end-to-end business processes, working from both contact centre and back office technology to provide optimal efficiency.


  • Improve and personalise customer experience with a fast return on investment
  • Improve operations and reduce call time by 10-20 seconds by providing customer information to an agent’s desktop as they receive a call
  • Build customer loyalty by personalising interactions with customers
  • Improve first call resolution and reduce by delivering customer details and history to agents along with the call
  • Improve productivity and reduce errors through click-2-dial features
  • Out-of-the-box integration reduces CTI project time and costs

Enghouse Interactive Integrations Services

Our solutions providing a number of integration tools including CTI, IP phone applications, database and directory integration, screen pop, click-2-dial and IVR development and testing tool kits.

Our standards-based CTI software allows application developers and systems integrators to create voice self-service, contact centre and unified communications solutions for IP and TDM networks at a dramatically lower cost by providing out-of-the-box integration with all major communications systems.

CTI Integration

Enghouse Interactive has developed CTI applications for specific CRM solutions including; Salesforce, Siebel, Oracle, Microsoft CRM dynamics to name but a few.

Allowing organisations to leverage the data initiatives and help resolve customer issues more quickly.

CRM Integration

Enghouse provides a range of solutions that consolidate and integrate contact information into one manageable place. Employees can the access this centralised directory information through integrated applications and devices such as IP phones, mobiles, corporate intranets and websites.

Providing staff with fast access to an accurate directory of contact information improves their productivity and reduces calls to busy operators.

Directory Integration