Video Collaboration

Enable fast and clear communication and collaboration between customers and colleaguesvidyo videocall

Video enriches people’s lives by embedding real-time video into digital communications in the moments that matter most. Importantly, it will help you stay connected and remain resilient in the face of disruptions.

Millions of people worldwide connect every day through Vidyo, Enghouse Interactive’s secure, scalable technology and cloud-based services.

Why Video Conferencing?

Video customer engagement offers a clear competitive advantage. Moreover, customers feel more engaged and emotionally connected over video than any other digital channel.

Not only does an emotional connection improve key metrics such as NPS it also increases revenue and reduces churn. Additionally, the ability to troubleshoot visually can translate into higher first call resolution and reduced average handling time.

Video conferencing solutions can save expenditure on physical facilities, travel costs, and enable immediate face-to-face interactions.

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Video Communication Benefits:

  • Minimise Multi-tasking & Increase Conversion
    Video collaboration drastically improves concentration and reduces multitasking. As a result, meetings are more productive and customers are more likely to convert.
  • Enable Face-to-Face Interactions Impeded by Distance/Restrictions
    You can cut down on travel costs and time by making virtual meetings accessible to your business and customers.
  • Meet Customer Expectations
    Video has become the new norm and customers expect the same ease of access as in their personal communications. For this reason, ensure that video integrates seamlessly with your other channels.

Video Conferencing by Enghouse Interactive

Enghouse Vidyo is a secure and highly scalable video platform. Available on mobile, tablet and desktop devices, Vidyo offers a user-friendly in-browser experience.  Importantly, Vidyo can provide good quality video even on low-bandwidth connections such as 3G.

Vidyo leverages industry-standard and proven technologies with the goal of securing its users’ communications and private information:

  • SRTP media encryption
  • FIPS 140-2 certified libraries
  • Secure HTTPS login utilising industry-standard PKI
  • TLS using strong encryption ciphers for signalling
  • Password hashing in database
  • Encrypted token technology for session security

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Vidyo delivers industry-leading performance at the extreme ends of the quality spectrum:

  • Vidyo stands up to the challenges of mobile and wireless networks with unsurpassed error resiliency and can adapt to 20% packet loss, more than double the industry average
  • On robust network environments, Vidyo is able to leverage 4K and 5K displays and deliver stunning quality – up to 16x better than the industry average of 720p

Vidyo offers virtually every deployment option:

  • On-Premise: Unique private instance with the highest degree of control
  • Private Cloud: The benefits of on-premises but leveraging your chosen cloud platform
  • Hybrid: Adaptive hybrid provides continuous bandwidth optimisation
  • Multi-Tenant Cloud: The easiest platform to deploy and scale, powered by a global footprint of data centres

You can customise your video and audio communications platform by leveraging our powerful and thoroughly documented API and SDK suite to:

  • Represent your brand and culture
  • Offer choice & flexibility of features
  • Build specific features on the platform
  • Leverage a powerful API to build the additional integrations

Vidyo Solutions

Video enriches digital experiences and bridges the gap between online convenience and emotional connections with customers. Enghouse’s innovative video interaction platform visually enables any application or idea:

VidyoEngagePower customer or patient interactions with video. Develop closer relationships. Deliver better outcomes to your patients.

VidyoEngage™ enables you to easily integrate video customer engagement into your website, mobile app, or in-branch kiosks. Moreover, this video channel experience enables click-to-video chat, skills-based routing, and post-call surveys and summaries in a professionally branded and customised workflow. VidyoEngage provides a seamless client experience with additional components such as scheduling or e-signature solutions.

VidyoConnectEmpower teams and increase effectiveness with high-quality cloud-based video meetings.

VidyoConnect™ is a feature rich and easy to use meeting solution for team collaboration. VidyoConnect offers a unified user experience across mobile, desktop and conference room endpoints. VidyoConnect provides all-inclusive enterprise-grade video collaboration in any context. This includes simple browser-based video to desktop and mobile apps, unlimited legacy endpoint connectivity, phone dial-in, and recording.

VidyoPlatformEnrich communication by embedding video chat directly into your business flows, applications, or devices.

Bring face-to-face interaction and increase adoption of your app by adding high-quality video communications. VidyoPlatform™ is powered by easy-to-use cross-platform SDKs and a global network. Our platform makes it simple to embed video into anything with a processor and a screen. From smartphone apps to smart glasses, drones, to the Internet of Things and beyond.

Why choose Vidyo?

Enghouse and Vidyo have a long history of supporting customer engagement, telehealth, video banking, workforce collaboration and more. Vidyo benefits from over a decade of research and development. For example, more than 190 patents help to deliver unmatched resilience and quality over any device and network.

In addition, our deep expertise has been acquired by delivering solutions for hundreds of organisations worldwide. These include six of the 25 largest banks and more than 295 healthcare systems.

In a time when travel is to be avoided and remote working is the new norm, Enghouse Interactive is here to help. We are providing temporary free licences of Vidyo, our cloud-based video collaboration platform– at no cost to your organisation.

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