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October 2023

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Why cutting customer service budgets is a false economy

Most companies are now finalising their customer service budgets for 2024. However, given the economic downturn, there’s likely to be more pressure to look for ways to reduce spending. Customer service is often vulnerable when enterprises look for places to make cuts. This may be because it’s often wrongly viewed as a cost centre rather than a source of competitive…
Helen Billingham
October 27, 2023
Cloud Contact Center, CCaaS, Remote Working, WFHContact centre, Multi-channel, Omni-channel

Building a CCaaS business case

There is a growing momentum in the adoption of cloud-based Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) solutions. However, at the same time, economic conditions are increasing pressure on contact centre budgets. To get your CCaaS project and investment signed off you therefore need to create a compelling business case. Following these six steps maximises your chances of getting your project…
Helen Billingham
October 23, 2023
AIContact centre, Multi-channel, Omni-channelCX, Customer Experience, Customer Service, Support

How technology can improve the agent experience

Providing a high-quality agent experience benefits both contact centre employees and the businesses they work for. Engaged agents provide better service to customers, are more productive and less likely to leave. However, traditionally contact centres have struggled with the agent experience. Much of this is down to the nature of the job. On top of having to help customers with…
Helen Billingham
October 13, 2023
speech automationCloud Contact Center, CCaaS, Remote Working, WFHIVR/Self-Service

Transforming customer service through speech automation and CCaaS

Harnessing speech automation enables organisations to increase convenience for customers, improve service levels, and boost efficiency. However, previous speech automation solutions, such as IVR (Interactive Voice Response), had significant drawbacks. They were expensive and time-consuming to implement and run. This limited their use to the largest organisations. Performance and understanding were also unpredictable, frustrating customers who gave up and preferred…
Mark Beeston
October 6, 2023