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A Look at the Future of Telehealth and Remote Medical Examinations


A Look at the Future of Telehealth and Remote Medical Examinations

Delivering positive health outcomes for people who live and work in rural and remote locations presents many challenges. Typically, these areas have fewer medical facilities and specialist care, requiring patients to travel vast distances for diagnosis and treatment. Ultimately, this drives up the cost of healthcare for patients and providers.

Access to essential medical services can be just as problematic for other members of our communities such as residents of aged care homes, workers on remote sites such as oil and gas rigs, military personnel, cruise-liner guests, prison inmates, and people who may be self-isolating due to infection concerns.

Visionflex’s cutting-edge telehealth technology delivers quality healthcare to patients – anywhere, any time. The Visionflex ProEX Telehealth Hub and ProEX Mobile use Vidyo’s high-speed video conferencing capabilities to connect patients with physicians in real-time consultations.

The ProEX supports a suite of medical accessories such as ultrasound, stethoscope, endoscope, pulse oximeter, ECG, thermometer, blood-pressure monitor, otoscope, weighing scales, and a GEIS General Examination Camera HD, which enable health practitioners to carry out detailed clinical medical examinations. Patient data can be securely shared, stored, and uploaded to an electronic health record system.

Join Vidyo and Visionflex for a live webinar on the use cases of remote medical examinations, the benefits, and anticipated results.

Key Topics:

  • Demonstration
  • Common healthcare challenges of rural and remote locations
  • Different use cases of remote medical examinations
  • Benefits of using telehealth for remote medical examinations
  • Outcomes based on real-life examples

The webinar will be hosted by Charles Louison, Healthcare Product Marketing Manager, and features Mike Harman, Managing Director of Visionflex.

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