Contact Centre Administrator Course

CC Administration & Reporting


Managing a contact centre is as much of an art as it is a skill. Understanding the functionality and capabilities of your contact centre solution is a critical starting point in building an effective contact centre and improving your customer experience. Enghouse Interactive’s Communications Centre (CC) Administrator training course gives you an opportunity to look at best practices for configuring your CC solution, better understand reporting, and more efficiently administer the system.

Classroom3 daysAUS/NZ $2,100 (ex GST) per personCC Administrator Course (3 days) - Customer Course


This course is for Contact Centre Managers, Supervisors/Team Leaders or anyone in the organisation tasked with the day-to-day administration for your Enghouse Interactive CC solution.


After completing the CC Administrator Course, participants will be able to:

  • Run reports and interpret data
  • Configure queue call flows
  • Schedule Holidays
  • Demonstrate an overall understanding of skills-based routing and how it’s configured
  • Manage agents’ access, and use supervisor functions
  • Configure advanced Queuing functions


  • Optimise your agent occupancy
  • Explore ways to reduce average handle time
  • Improve your customers’ experience

Note the course is highly interactive and there is ample opportunity to bring your specific questions along to work through with our experienced trainer.


There are no compulsory prerequisites for this course. However a basic understanding of contact centre terminology is an advantage. We also recommend that students are familiar with Enghouse Interactive CC end-user applications as listed below. The following modules can be completed online before coming to the course:

  • TouchPoint Agent
  • TouchPoint Supervisor
  • Agent Desktop
  • Supervisor Desktop

Please ask your trainer if you wish to be setup with an account to the Enghouse Interactive training videos available at

Course Outline

1.       CC Product Overview – Modules/Functionality/Benefits

2.       Administrator Queuing – Configuring Call Flows

·         Queue configuration parameters (Voice/Email/Web Chat)

·         Queue Modes and Mode Scheduling

·         Scheduling Holidays

3.       Administrator Queuing – Announcements

·         Recording Announcements and using Announcements in Queues

·         Progress Announcements

·         Configuring Auto Attendant

·         Callback Queuing

4.       Administrator Queuing – Configuring Delivery

·         Alerts\Groups\Totalling Queues

·         Wrap-up Templates

·         Agent Login Classes and Delivery Patterns (skills-based routing)

·         Managing Agents (adding/removing)

·         Setting up Break and Worktime Reasons

5.       Administrator General

·         Companies\Departments

·         Administrator Phonebook

·         Overview of Security – Users and Classes; Functions vs. Objects

6.       Standard Reports

·         Generating Reports

·         Understanding Report Parameters

·         Overview of most commonly run reports and interpretation of reporting data

·         Exporting reports to Excel/CSV and PDF

·         Saving preferred report parameters

·         Scheduling Reports.