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Post-Interaction Survey

Take the guess work out of

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Enghouse Interactive Solution: Post-Interaction Survey

Solution Overview

Enghouse Interactive’s Post-Interaction Survey Solution allows effective and meaningful engagement with today’s omni-channel savvy consumers. Take the guess work out of customer insights and get an accurate understanding of your customers' experience with your contact centre.

Enghouse Survey allows email, chat and voice customers to participate in customer satisfaction surveys, tailored to your needs, at the completion of their interaction with your contact centre.

Customer feedback via Survey makes agents accountable for customer satisfaction and improves first contact resolution through ownership of the customer journey.

Choice Of Deployment Options:

Post-Interaction Survey consists of 3 main components:

1. Survey Builder (Administrator)

Build and design uniform voice and web-based surveys across your organisation to engage customers on their preferred communication channel.

2. Survey Distribution

Specify the percentage of queued customers that you want to target, and have the system automatically invite them to participate in your customer satisfaction survey.

3. Survey Reporting

Managers and supervisors can analyse data by customer, agent or queue to identify problem areas. Tabulated or graphical reports can be produced.


  • A consistent format across voice, email and chat channels for capturing meaningful insights
  • A simple and intuitive graphical survey builder for creating surveys tailored to your business
  • Automation of the process removes any agent bias and reduces agent workload
  • Engage customers by giving them a choice to opt-in for the survey, making them feel more connected to your business
  • Generate reports by customer, agent or queue, to identify patterns or areas of concern
  • Proactively monitor customer satisfaction and gather regular customer feedback

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