Peace of mind for you and your clients  – Connect Securely with Enghouse Vidyo

Recent events has forced many businesses to use online video platforms.  Legal firms are no different, but the legal industry has its unique challenges and requirements when it comes to every day interaction with clients, colleagues and staff. Legal firms have to take responsibility and ensure client confidentiality so that any discussion that takes place, falls under the strict privacy rules.

Deliver extensive protection for sensitive information you or your clients transmit – keeping data safe


Encrypted tokens for session security

Vidyo technology adopts SRTP media encryption, TLS using strong encryption ciphers for signalling and encrypted token technology for session security.

User Login and Database Security

Protecting the login process from eavesdroppers and hackers is fundamental to securing the VidyoConnect service. No login information is retained by the Vidyo soft clients.

Secure by Design

Vidyo maintains an information security governance policy that controls the way the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information is handled, thereby preventing misuse and malicious damage. Vidyo is SOC2 compliant.

Enterprise class solution

As an enterprise-class video meeting solution, VidyoConnect™ offers extensive protection for sensitive information you or your clients transmit, including files, text, screen sharing, video and audio.

Secure Vidyo Collaboration

Connect securely with your clients and provide peace of mind that your consultations are delivered under the strict privacy rules. As an enterprise class solution Vidyo can be deployed on premise, cloud and hybrid cloud environments.

  • Secure video collaboration
  • Choice of deployment options
  • Works on any device

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