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Connect Securely with Vidyo for Financial Services

With Vidyo, your customers enjoy a lifelike and feature-rich experience with your experts, regardless of location – in a branch, in the comfort of their home, or even on the go. You can not only increase customer engagement, enhance customer service and strengthen loyalty, but also cost-effectively balance staff utilisation across your entire organisation.

The financial services industry has accepted face-to-face video as a means to adapt to the changing behaviours and expectations of today’s customers. Why? Video helps create a more human form of service, whether or not the customer is in a branch.

Video allows personalised and meaningful interactions with the appropriate bank staff from wherever customers are, at a time that is convenient for them. Used in branch, it enhances the branch experience, enabling branch visitors to see and speak with people who are not physically in the branch at the time of their visit.


Private Banking and Wealth Management

With video banking, wealth managers and private bankers can schedule video meetings to maintain a personal and meaningful relationship even during remote interactions, ultimately deepening relationships, building trust, and improving investment outcomes.

Money Lending

IncreaseWith video banking, the loan adviser and the loan applicant can have much more personal and meaningful conversations during remote interactions.

Video Claims Management

Insurers can assess damage or loss remotely. Claimants can show the advisor the damage using the camera on their smartphone or tablet, increasing customer convenience and resulting in faster, more effective claims resolution.

Account Opening

With video banking, website visitors can engage in a live video conversation with a representative to discuss their requirements, make sure they understand terms and conditions, and immediately sign up to open an account.

Video-Enabled Branch

Video banking lets branches offer faster and richer services to their branch visitors through video kiosks or in private video-enabled rooms.

Commercial Banking

With video banking, commercial bankers can schedule video meetings to maintain a personal and meaningful relationship even during remote interactions, ultimately deepening relationships, building trust, and improving investment outcomes.

Video-Enabled Bank Contact Center

Traditional contact center interaction channels do not allow the level of personal interaction that more complex or emotionally driven tasks require. With video banking, agents can deal much more effectively with unhappy or angry customers. They can encourage customers to go beyond the original reason they called, increasing the contact center’s ability to generate revenue.


Secure Vidyo Collaboration

Connect securely with your clients and provide peace of mind that your consultations are delivered under the strict privacy rules. As an enterprise class solution Vidyo can be deployed on premise, cloud and hybrid cloud environments.

  • Secure video collaboration
  • Choice of deployment options
  • Works on any device

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How to Implement Video Banking – The Ultimate Guide

Our new guide covers the seven critical steps you need to follow to successfully implement and deploy video banking into your business. Learn how to build your case, secure your budget, measure performance and ROI, and so much more.

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Video Banking: Differentiating Customer Experience in the Digital Age

Moving customers out of branches to other channels including ATMs, contact centres and digital self-service comes with a price: the erosion of trust, loyalty and satisfaction of your customers and members. Using tools like video can restore the human touch, build trust while reducing operational costs.

Consumers embrace video communication – Banks and financial institutions of all shapes and sizes should too.

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Video Customer Engagement for Financial Services

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