Case Study: Greater Wellington Regional Council (CC and QMS)


Greater Wellington Regional Council were using disparate systems to manage their customer interactions and their system needed upgrading. They had different teams managing email and calls, and they had no performance tracking, reporting or recording of any interactions. They simply had no idea how many calls they were getting or what agents were doing. The Council wanted to centralise all communications into one system as well as introduce call recording, for follow-up and training. They knew they had talented staff, who could do so much more with the right tools, and they wanted to fully understand where and how they could add value with these people.


After evaluating a variety of solutions, Greater Wellington Regional Council selected their favourite: Enghouse Interactive Communications Centre (CC)  to manage their multi-channel communications, along with the Quality Management Suite (QMS) as their call recording and coaching solution.  CC’s TouchPoint now lets them monitor service levels across multiple queues, including email which they can now manage with full visibility.  They can also adjust the different skills groups across different teams.  Also, QMS call recording lets them easily search back on historical calls, and identify any calls they want to review. Now agents get training time which they’ve never had before.

Greater Wellington Regional Council is keen to look at other modules from Enghouse Interactive.

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