Case Study: Greater Wellington Regional Council (eKMS)


Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) had no centralised database of current, relevant information. Organisation knowledge was either held on the public website or locked in the heads of the more experienced staff. Contact centre staff members were updated via email as new data came to hand. The staff were doing an outstanding job, but they needed better tools. Even if they remembered getting the relevant information, they would have to try and find the right email or else remember the content each time a question came up. As a result, the customer experience couldn’t be consistent, especially if there was turnover of staff.


The Council wanted to support first call resolution, so they needed the ability to:

  • Navigate and search for required information
  • Manage information flow easily
  • Alert staff to major disruptions and incidents in the region
  • Produce automated reports.

GWRC’s contact centre deals with customer enquiries from across all the GWRC teams, ranging from Public Transport, the environment, parks, flooding and everything in between, so it’s important they can quickly and easily find the information they need to help customers.

They realised that having only one source of truth was critical!

With this mandate, Greater Wellington Regional Council looked at options. The contact centre was already using Enghouse Interactive’s Communications Centre, so a natural action was to approach Enghouse for advice, and Enghouse was able to recommend their own eKMS Knowledge Management Suite.

The deployment was entirely successful, and much quicker than expected, the training was excellent, and the solution very easy to use. Council is very happy with the solution, and discovered that customer service and experience has noticeably improved.

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