New Product Releases – Now Here!

Enghouse Interactive’s interaction management solutions evolve with every new release ensuring we meet the needs of the market’s fast changing business needs. We’re continuously improving, innovating, listening to feedback from partners and customers, and always aim to ensure our software is of the highest quality.

New versions of some of our key products are now available:
• Enghouse Interactive Communications Centre (CC)
• Quality Management Suite (QMS)
• Contact Centre: Enterprise (CCE)
• Enghouse Interactive Communications Portal (CP)

To find out more about any of these new product releases click on the buttons below:

CC 10.0 QMS 7.1 CCE 9.0 PRC7 CP 10

Communications 10.0 Video:

Improving the Daily Lives of the People of the Contact Center

The Enghouse Interactive portfolio strives to improve the daily lives of people in the contact center through interaction management software, and our 2016 software releases are a significant contribution to this mission.

We know happy contact center agents equal happy customers, but who is the happy agent? We believe it’s the agent that’s in control, has all the information they need at their finger tips, isn’t stressed, can confidently handle every challenge and come back tomorrow to do it all again.

It’s our mission to develop great tools that allow agents to do exactly that – leave the office every day knowing they conquered every challenge thrown at them and made their customers happy. We have a strong relationship with our customers, and work alongside them to ensure they’re not fighting their battles alone.

Enghouse Interactive provided ABECU with an option to quickly restore vital data at a back-up site in the event of a disaster, with minimal investment in servers and specialized hardware


Communications Center

Contact Center: Enterprise

Quality Management Suite